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In 1924 the Weweler family started a wholesale business in Apeldoorn dealing in replacement parts for heavy vehicles. In 1948 Weweler decided to begin its own production due to a shortage of leaf springs at that time. Thanks to good knowledge of the market and the high quality of its products, the company grew rapidly – first as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of mechanical springs for trucks and buses, then as one of the pioneers in air suspension for trailers, trucks and buses. Air suspension became a big success between 1985 and 1990 and Weweler occupied a position as the absolute leader in knowledge and engineering of advanced air suspension systems. During the same period, Weweler was listed on the stock exchange.

Since its take-over by VDL Groep in Eindhoven in July 2001, the core activities of Weweler have shifted from the replacement market to the OEM market. To emphasize the strength through co-operation within VDL Groep, the company name was changed to VDL Weweler in 2010.

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