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Axle lift systems

VDL Weweler has more than 15 years experience in the development and production of axle lift systems. Our range of patented axle lift systems can be used for lifting air-suspended axles. This results in reduced tyre wear and a reduction in vehicle fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

The Bolt-on® axle lift was developed as a standard option for all VDL Weweler air suspensions, and the current range also covers axle lifts for BPW, Daimer and SAF air suspension systems. We have carefully looked at the axle lifts available on the market and have improved the assembly time, as well as specifications such as ground clearance. In addition to the Bolt-On ® axle lifts, which are side mounted, VDL Weweler also offers a range of mid lifts, as well as a unique cylinder lift.

Our Bolt-On® axle lifts are exceptionally compact and are one of the lightest of their kind. The Bolt-On® axle lift is attached to the hanger bracket, and, thanks to the ingenious design, there is no need to remove the pivot bolt during installation. Our systems are therefore extremely suitable for retrofitting. Most of our axle lifts can be mounted within 2 minutes, without the need of special tools and equipment, and the simple installation process is appreciated by many trailer builders. Our axle lifts have been developed according to FMEA criteria, and have also undergone extensive field testing. All axle lifts are end-coated and exceed the standard 500-hour salt spray test.

For the axle lift control, VDL Weweler offers a wide range of valves.


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