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Air suspension systems

VDL Weweler has more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of air suspension systems. All VDL Weweler suspension systems are characterized by the parabolic trailing arm, which acts as an integrated roll stabilizer and as a guiding arm for the axle. The parabolic trailing arms are manufactured in-house, which offers the assurance of maximum quality and process control for this essential product and guarantees a long operational life. VDL Weweler is the only European spring manufacturer to develop and manufacture its own range of air suspension system solutions.

VDL Weweler’s modularly constructed air suspension systems are used by manufacturers of trailers, trucks and buses around the world. The modular design ensures compatibility regardless of axle type, size or manufacturer. This offers cost-effective logistical and technical advantages for the vehicle manufacturers. By using modular construction methods, Weweler can achieve efficient volume production while also maintaining the flexibility to meet the demands for small and medium volume specialized solutions and applications.

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