Customer notification (COVID-19)

Customer notification (COVID-19)

22 June 2020

Since a few weeks now, the Dutch government have slowely relaxed the Corona lock down and associated restrictions, that were put in place to contain the spread of the virus and to protect people as much as possible.

As of such, VDL Weweler B.V. will, after joint approval between the company in question and VDL Weweler B.V., carefully allow essential visits to and from customers and/or suppliers. 

In both instances the guidelines of the RIVM (the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and any additional company guidelines must be observed in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Visitors to VDL Weweler B.V. must obey the following measures:

  1. You may not visit VDL Weweler B.V. if you or anyone in your household has the following complaints/symptoms:
    - Cold complaints, such as nasal colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, etc.
    - Coughing
    - Shortness of breath
    - Elevated temperature or even fever
  2. Upon entry, your temperature will be measured and you will be asked to disinfect your hands with available hand gel.
  3. At all times 1.5 meters of social distancing should be kept towards other individuals.
  4. Wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible.
  5. If you have to sneeze, always sneeze in the inside of your elbow.
  6. Shaking of hands is not allowed.