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Over the last 100 years VDL Weweler has developed into a leading international designer and manufacturer of (air) suspension solutions for trailers, trucks and busses.
With approximately 180 employees VDL Weweler develops, produces, tests and sells air suspension systems, axle lift systems and parabolic springs. 

VDL Weweler’s suspension systems are characterised by a spring steel parabolic trailing arm, which acts as an integrated roll stabiliser and as a guiding arm for the axle. The spring steel parabolic trailing arms are manufactured and tested in-house and the suspension system is supplied in a modular, do-it-yourself kit.

Advanced technology guarantees quality

VDL Weweler’s policy is intended to stimulate innovation of products and production methods, with a focus on cooperation, sustainability, quality, professionalism as well as cost optimization. This approach has resulted in a highly automated production facility, in which robotics play a vital role and where advanced logistics enable large Kanban and Just In Time deliveries around the globe. 

It has also created  durable, state of the art, reliable and cost-effective products that are being used by leading OE axle, trailer and truck & bus manufacturers worldwide. To constantly provide superior value to the customers, VDL Weweler continuously seeks the best solution by carefully listening to the customers’ wishes and developing those wishes into efficient high-tech solutions in a creative and flexible manner. 

Professionalism makes the difference

VDL Weweler has a flat organizational structure with short lines of communication. Continuous effort is put into improving the existing no-nonsense culture in which informal, personal, professional and open communication predominates. The company’s culture is best described by the collective VDL credo: “Strength through co-operation”. As within all VDL companies, the heart of VDL Weweler is formed by the dedicated employees and the expert craftsmanship at all levels. VDL Weweler has attained and maintained their competitive position through the efforts of motivated and flexible professionals. 


VDL Weweler’s vision is to supply the world’s transport industry with (customer specific) Modular Bolt-on® Solutions (MBS). Modular Bolt-On® Solutions all share the same criteria, by being modular, innovative, light weight, multi-purpose and above all have a philosophy, that is based on minimal components, cost-effectiveness, a lean supply chain and bolting instead of welding.