The Next Generation

The MBS Omega air suspension, as the new generation will be called, is a re-alignment free 9 / 10t. air suspension that is being developed in house in accordance with VDL Weweler's MBS philosophy: modular, multi-purpose extreme light weight with minimal maintenance.
Within the Omega range several different hanger bracket and tail-end concepts will be available depending on the needs of the customer. All are based on a system with a Ø146 axle beam.

The air suspension is clamped around the axle using two u-bolts and is held into position by a sort of recess in the axle beam offering unique modularity in the spring track or by means of a completely new developed fixating method which gives each customer the possibility to use the new range in combination with almost every Ø146 axle beam in the market. The system houses a revolutionary new shaped spring steel trailing arm which in combination with the other elements of the suspension make it one  of  the  lightest  suspensions  in  the market  with  a  weight around  100 kg  per axle row for the lightest version.  ItVDL-Weweler_NEXTGEN_06A.png will cover a ride height  range  of  180mm up to 550mm.

A revolutionary new "Blade" hanger bracket design includes a new pivot bush design. The classic pivot bush is eliminated and replaced by a forged cone. The two side plates are bolted together to a patent pending chassis mounting unit with a unique alignment. Next to this new optional type of hanger the conventional hanger brackets will be available as standard.

The displayed version on the right is the one for the low ride height range equipped with an underslung tailend coming from under the axle beam.
For the high ride heights and the tipper applications a special version is being developed with an overslung tail-end mounted on top of the axle beam.
The hanger bracket and the tail-end configuration can be customer specific and tailor-made for the needs of the customer.

The complete range will be suitable for 9 tonnes on- and off-road single and twin tyre applications, 10 tonnes on- and off-road single tyre applications worldwide and 10 tonnes twin tyre on-road applications in Europe.

Currently we are in the field test introduction phase of the low ride height version of the MBS Omega system.



  • The MBS®-MAXI system is a 9t. single leaf air suspension specifically designed for swap-body applications. (WF)
  • With the Maxi it is possible to use a more common, cost-effective long-stroke air spring whilst still maintaining a total stroke of 440mm.
  • The solution is equipped with flexible high strength spring steel trailing arms incl. safety clip and can be fitted to Ø146mm drum or disc brake trailer axle.
  • The closed reinforced hanger brackets can be fitted with a patented casted bracing option, that ensures forces going straight into the chassis.
  • The shock absorbers are equipped with high temperature Viton® seals.
  • Furthermore the range offers easy alignment with re-alignment free bushing and low & easy maintenance.


  • Maximum axle load: 9t
  • Single leaf trailing arm: 100x59mm
  • System dimensions: L1 = 690mm / L2 = 310mm
  • Available axle clamping: Ø146mm
  • Ride height range: 315-555mm (bump dimension: 245mm)
  • Air spring options: Ø360mm
  • System weight: ≥ 230kg
  • Optional Bolt-On® axle lift